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As the weeks pass we are slowly having to dismantle our season with May/June events either moving to August/September, moving to 2021 or being cancelled all together. This is so hard to take when all we have done throughout the Winter months is work hard to fill our Summer with as many events as possible and this was set to be our busiest and most challenging glamping season yet but no! And understandably so - we all have to take this on the chin as this covid-19 outbreak is affecting all of us - except wine merchants and bicycle shops apparently. To be honest, it feels like we (Abi & Tom) have been self isolating since Christmas when we returned from a 6 week trip around France and Spain - those that have 2 very young children will know how it feels - the only difference now is that we can't go out for lunch or dinner!

At the moment our daily routine looks something like this;

7am- get woken up by yelling toddler, realise your dream was real and you truly are in self-isolation due to global virus pandemic.

8-11 am - Try to do something productive with small humans, usually ending up with good old daniel tiger.

11-1pm get the heck out of the house and have as longer walk as possible before you go slightly stir crazy from your tantruming toddler .

1-5pm eat bits, drink bits, clean everthing, workout with Joe Wicks and sit in the garden bell tent pondering what the future holds for perhaps a whole minute in uninterrupted silence.

6pm- wine perhaps (definitely) and cook for all the humans in the house.

7pm- try to play more 2 year old games and wait for 8pm...

8pm- Get the kids to bed and face time 10 people (when you would normally probably not speak to anyone) so winning in that department. Wine.

8pm-11pm - read about the pandemic and/or watch a film/documentary then pass out from exhaustion!

That's pretty much it! Although, on a more positive note we have been eating some of the best food - getting creative in the kitchen is a definite must!

So how long will this last? Very difficult to know but possibly until June according to various sources:


Lets all please stick to this and help our amazing NHS staff. I think we should all clap every Sunday at 8pm...? How moving was that moment? :'-(

If this whole saga does affect your event we are able to offer you an alternative date and will do everything to make it work. Luckily for us everyone that has had their event affected by this has been so lovely and understanding when re-booking which has made it all so much easier- thanks guys :)

We're just praying for nice hot weather in September :-/

Here are a few pics from our trip to Spain just because....

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