Part-furnished: tables and chairs with vanity mirrors, rugs, fairy lights and bunting.

Fully-furnished: tables and chairs with vanity mirrors, rugs, wicker sofa's, a coffee table, plants, flowers, a macreme, a standing mirror, floor cushions, throws and boho cushions, lamps, lanterns, fairy lights and bunting.

PRICES (for 2 nights)

5M for up to 6 people:

5M part-furnished | £300

5M fully-furnished | £360

6M up to 8 people:

6M part-furnished | £500

6M fully-furnished | £800

Our 6M tents are also available to sleep up to 6 guests  - info here.

7M up to 10 people:

7M part-furnished | £700

7M fully furnished | £1000

Same prices apply for chill-out tents :)

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