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...add an outdoor area to your tent ;)


OUR Tee&Toast CHILL_OUT ZONE INCLUDES - a huge jute rug, a wicker sofa and coffee table, a kids dining bench, large pouffes, 2 floor cushions, 5 small cushions, faux sheep skin rugs, plants, lanterns and an optional wine set complete with wine (add £40)

To add this to your tent we require an additional £280 OR we have 2 special offers ongoing - the first is to add this to a fully furnished 5M bell tent (sleeping 2-4 persons) for £500 for 2 nights and the 2nd is to add this to 2x fully furnished 4M bell tents sleeping 2 in each for £700 .

This set up is weather permitting so if, in the days leading up to your hire, the forecast doesn't look to be dry we will simply refund the difference (£180 for 1x5M and £150 for 2x4M's) and just provide you with the tent/tents.

For those on a lower budget we can also add each item to your tent for the following cost:

Large Jute rug - £50

Wicker sofa (includes cushions and throws) - £70

Wicker coffee table - £40

Kids dining bench - £35

Large Pouffes - £25 each

Faux sheepskin rugs - £10 each

Plants - £10 each

Lanterns - £5 each

Wine set for 2 people with wine - £40

Contact us for more info :)

When you contact us please state your location, desired tent package, dates and anything extra you would like :)

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