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On-wards and upwards in 2021 for Glamping businesses? Yes and No...

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

As much as we'd all love for things to return to normal in 2021, the start to the year has us all questioning our future again! Fortunately for glamping businesses, the current lack of international travel and new found nationawide desire for British people to stay at home for their holidays, means that we are able to adapt our work and instead provide garden bell tent services and set up holiday camps with luxury bell tent accommodation. However, this is not the way we want the industry to go. Events such as weddings and festivals are where we find our purpose. Bell tent hire is what we do best and without these events, especially festivals, we find ourselves caught in limbo! Should we be planning ahead for the 15 festivals we had booked for 2020 in 2021? Or should we take on other jobs on these dates despite the festivals requiring our full itinerary? The festivals themselves can't answer these questions and have to take a similar stance to us, let's wait and see! Patience is a virtue after all! It's hard but we are sticking to our guns in 2021 and we are praying that festivals, or at least small to medium sized festivals, will be able to go ahead with the appropriate measures in place. They won't be the same as they were in 2019 but I think we'd all take anything that remotely resembles a festival right now! In September last year we were lucky enough to provide the glamping at Beardy Folk Festival, the only music festival that managed to go ahead and amazingly they managed to maintain the festival vibe that we all crave! With circles painted out 2 metres apart in front of the main stage and a great bar queuing system that actually seemed to flow better than a pre-covid bar, it was honestly a master piece logistically and it went very very well. So to all events out there - let Beardy be an example as to how we can do it in 2021!

With regards to weddings, we feel really confident that we will be able to fulfill all of our bookings in 2021. Private events don't require lengthy insurance detailing and are not under scrutiny from health and safety organisations, unlike festivals, so we are open for 'bell tent hire' and we will be setting up our beautiful bell tents at festivals and weddings all over the UK and Europe this year!

If not, then 'lets go glamping' instead :-/ ....

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