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The effect the Covid-19 Virus could have on Glamping businesses and Bell tent Hire companies

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Well, these are crazy times to say the least! With businesses of all kinds being effected drastically we are all trying to find a way to sustain our trade but this is made extremely difficult when we just don't know what is to come.

Having worked extremely hard all winter to get bookings and fill our summer with joyous events all over the country we are now facing a potential curfew that would restrict any gatherings such as weddings and festivals. In my opinion, however, the glamping and outdoor events industry is one of the few that can be managed and with all events being totally outdoors I feel that measures can be taken to sustain our work. 95% of the bookings we have received this year are based around a complete outdoor set up with large teepee and/or marquees tents hosting the events and our lovely bell tents providing the accommodation. My first thought leans towards keeping our bell tents 'virus' free - we thoroughly clean and disinfect our bell tents after each event and our bedding is professionally cleaned so we can certainly guarantee that our tents are a very safe place to stay for a weekend - much more so than a hotel room. The second thing that comes to mind is the fact that virus/flu's tend not to spread anywhere near as much outdoors, especially in the summer months, so by taking simple hygiene measures we can maintain a safe environment at any outdoor event.

In terms of our policy on cancellations, we will maintain our usual stance. If guests feel the need to cancel we will offer them the opportunity to pick an alternative date with exactly the same set up and as long as we are available we will make it work. If we are are not available on the only date that the hirer can do we will do our upmost to help them source the accommodation they require - this is one of the advantages of working/being friends with so many other bell tent hire companies :)

I am anxious as to what is to come this summer but I really hope that we can work together and come to a sensible arrangement in terms of outdoor events. With simple hygiene measures and social awareness we can still make this summer as eventful and happy as it was supposed to be before the start of the year.

To all of our lovely customers, we are here for you and will do our upmost to make sure no one misses out. As always, if you have any questions please get in touch :)

Tee&Toast Glamping

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