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Step out from your everyday reality and take a dive into the beauty of British Glamping with Tee&Toast.

We aren't your usual British Glamping provider, we've gone above and beyond to provide a unique & calming bohemian experience for your special event.

We provide luxurious accommodation at a wide range of events; from wellness festivals, corporate events, to your dream wedding or an unforgettable adventure with friends and family.


We believe that the best things in life are the people you love, the places you go, and the memories you make.

Make yours with us. :)



When you hear the term Tee&Toast, what comes to mind? Does it conjure up nostalgic, warm & cosy feelings of a fresh morning, tucked up in a soft, cosy duvet, whilst sipping on a hot tea & crunching on a slice of toast? .

Yes? Maybe? Well that's the idea behind the kind of ambience we want to invoke through your experience with us. 


Along with the literal word 'Tee' which is from the word 'Teepee' (the original Bell tent). The first patented bell tent predecessor was The Sibley tent which was invented by military officer Henry Sibley, in 1857. He was a graduate of the United States military academy at West Point and accompanied Capt. John C. Fremont on one of his exploring expeditions. He got his idea from the Tepee or Tepar (the Indian wigwam of poles covered with skins and a fire in the centre) which he saw on the plains during his expeditions. All very exciting, as we wouldn't have the pleasure to indulge today if exploration hadn't been undertaken.




To finish, we have the word 'Toast' which we associate generally with celebratory events or moments of appreciation, what better way to to 'toast' than with Tee&Toast glamping ;). 

So there we have it, Tee&Toast fulfilling your visual & perceptual needs all in one fanciful package. 

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