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Should you hire our bell tents for your event? Yes!!! Here's why;

Bell tents are one of the most famous tents of all and there's a very good reason for that. Not only are bell tents easy to erect they are also amazingly strong and keep you safe and sound in most weather conditions - with a few exceptions of course.

Bell tents come in a number of sizes 3m,4m,5m,6m, and 7m. At Tee&Toast Glamping the smallest bell tent that we hire out is the 5m bell tent - mainly because these tents are the perfect size for up to 5 people and leave you with plenty of head space to stand and walk around - unlike the 4m bell tent which will have you crouching down quite a lot.

So why should you hire our bell tents for your event and what do you get? Our customers have said that they are by far the best way to camp as you are never roughing it in a bell tent. We've had customers of all ages, the oldest being 92 and she loved it! Protected from the elements and hidden from any bugs there is nothing to complain about! And let's not forget our beds - our Queen dura-beam airbeds are like no other bed you'll find in a bell tent. They are honestly the most comfortable bed that my fiance and I have ever slept in and we slept on one for 2 months when we first moved into our house. We cover the airbeds in a thick fleece mattress topper to make them extra warm and an amazing flat white bed sheet - 200 thread count, 100% Egyptian cotton nonetheless! Our winter tog duvets and soft (but firm) pillows are also draped in 100% Egyptian cotton linen. To add to that our beds are then furnished with gorgeous throws and large boho cushions. The floor of our bell tents is dressed with wicker rugs and handmade Moroccan kilim rugs - sourced from the Atlas mountains - we are so proud of our rugs and love hiring them out for others to enjoy. Our bell tent furnishings boaster loads more too; handmade macremes, low level crate tables, plants/flowers, pouffes/ wooden chairs, lanterns, vanity mirrors, battery powered Moroccan blow lamps, fairy lights inside and out, bunting and last but not least, small bins to help keep the tents tidy. Not only are our bell tents lovely, we are too ;) The Tee&Toast Glamping team is full of lovely folk and we're always happy to go that extra mile for our customers.

Other advantages of hiring our Bell Tents:

- NO TAXIS! Guests can stay all night and wake up to share breakefast

- NO HOTELS! Yes, glamping is cheaper

- THE EXPERIENCE - stepping into one of our pearly white bell tents is like stepping into a cloud! It really is a great way to spend the weekend - sleeping cosy and comfortable, in a field with your friends :)

One of our chill-out bell tents - well worth hiring so that all of your guests  can sit and relax in between shenanigans
Tee&Toast Glamping - Bell Tent Interior

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