Festival Glamping - Bell Tent Hire

This year you can find our bell tents at so many festivals and we are so happy about it! Nothing brings us more pleasure than to bring you comfort and luxury in a field :)

You can hire our bell tents at any of the following events this year; Love Trails Festival, SoulCircus, Byline Festival , One Love Festival, Beardy Folk festival, Orbit Fitness Festival, Chagstock, Tokonatsu Festival, Gate To Southwell Festival and Camping be Cider Seaside.

You can book your bell tent here by clicking on the festival - https://www.teeandtoastglamping.com/festivals

Our bell tents are available to hire in a range of packages to cater for all budgets too :)

Tee&Toast Glamping - Bell Hire

Bell Tent Hire - Tee&Toast Glamping

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Tee&Toast Bell tent Hire - 07435 266451

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Tee&Toast Bell tent Hire - info@teeandtoastglamping.com

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