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Bell tent hire for your health

Updated: May 12, 2019

Glamping Luxury Bell Tent

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Wired but tired …

We are now entering the new wave of wellness festivals, full of invigorating movement, encouraging words and like-minded people.

Re-aligning us with our mind, body & spirit, dedicating a few days out of the hectic and busy schedule of our everyday lives for our well-being.

In our present time life is faster and more convenient as a result of electricity, computers, mobile phones and the explosion in wireless communication. This is in-turn causing us to disconnect with what’s real and important.

These wellness events are exactly what people are yearning for, they are tired of being connected to everything but themselves. Our demand for imminent contact, visual stimulation, information and entertainment is sapping the living life from us.

"Today's technology is created to suck you in," says Melody J. Wilding, LMSW, over email. "Every email, every click, and every action is designed to keep you connected and using more. We have to deliberately disengage with technology in order to mentally re-energize and make space for highly important creative thinking and the capacity to empathize and connect with others."

So aside from taking a few days out at a wellness festival, snuggled up in a Tee&Toast canvas bell boudoir, here are a few things you can keep in mind at home to consciously try and reconnect on a daily basis;

A ritual a day keeps the doctor away…..

^- Start the day with a ritual for you and/or your family, Take some time to do something that relaxes you, whether it’s exercise, mediation, reading, something creative, anything that really allows your mind to hone in and focus, to enable you clarity and positivity for the day ahead.

‘Declutter your home Declutter your mind’

^- I have found when my mind is feeling overwhelmed and bombarded, it so much harder to make time and space for yourself.

Pick a room, tidy up and if your brave enough remove the items that do not add value to your life, donate them, sell them or just give them to a friend, because they really are sapping your energy. You’ll be surprised as to what questions you can start to answer when you let go of ‘stuff’.

‘Put Away’

^- Set aside some ‘no tech times daily’, whether this be whilst eating or even if it’s choosing to learn something new in the time you would have been browsing the net.

The Art of Nothing:

^Leave your phone at home, wait for the bus without taking your phone out of your pocket. Try driving without the radio on. Pick up a book, treat it like you would any other habit, become aware that it is a habit and begin to break it down day by day until you control it rather than the other way round.

In the mean time, whilst your connected ; Check out these awesome wellness festivals we are providing glamping for next year;

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