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Bell Tents For Hire - roll Up - Roll Up

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

In my experience, camping is all about reconnecting with the outdoors and embracing the elements but that doesn't mean you have to sleep in them! Bell tents are literally one my favourite places to sleep purely because they create such a lazy and comforting atmosphere away from the bugs and the elements but next to them at the same time. If you're going to sleep in a bell tent why not go all out and turn it into the closet thing to a canvas hotel room. We're pros at it! Here's a little video of a small bell tent village in late May 2019. The client had asked for 3x5m bell tents sleeping 4 in each and 3x6m bell tents sleeping 6 in each - all single beds. BTW this was just our basic package - so imagine the luxury!

Please check out a few pics of our tents and if you want to hire our bell tents please get in touch:

Tee&Toast Glamping xx

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